Nowadays, hair loss as become a very common problem, a vast majority of people around the world suffer from it. This condition, depending on the cause, can be very subtle or really dramatic. It can also be temporary or progressive, lasting from a few weeks to years.

Hair loss, also know as baldness or alopecia, usually appears for a wide variety of reasons, either internal or external to the individual:

  • Genetics: our family background can determine what we know as pattern hair loss which affects generally the lateral sides of the forehead hairline or the crown. 
  • Deseases or infections: cancer chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments side effects are the most common causes. People can have also fungal infections or similar deseases that can affect the scalp.
  • Stress & lifestyle: in the recent years, stress and our a very bad lifestyle has been identified as a key factor that causes hair loss. Our mental health has a direct impact in our physical health. Also the quality of food we eat and the quality of our rest is fundamental for our well-being. 
  • Others: a very wide range of other causes are know to cause hair loss. For example,  traumas caused by accidents can create permanent areas of hair loss due to scars or other affections; using the wrong “hair care” products has a direct impact in our scalp and hair quality; environment pollution as been also mentioned in different health and medical papers to have some influence; pregnancy can cause temporary hair loss for the change of the balance of hormones in women bodies. 

Women Hair Loss

When a woman suffers from hair loss, can be a very dramatic situation. Hair for women is one of our main physical characteristics, which has a very strong impact in our mental health and self esteem. This is why millions of women look for the best solutions available to fight hair loss.

Men Hair Loss

In men, hair loss in also very important, for some it has least impact than in others, but we could say that for everyone, our hair is sign of health and image. We have an increasing number of men that come to us for advice about improving their image with our different hair loss solutions.


“We always do our best to protect, and when possible, re-grow your own hair. We only use safe products and techniques.”

— Krystal

At Svetnadia, with more than 30 years of experience, we clearly understand the needs of women and man regarding their hair loss challenges. When a client comes for consultation, we always will do our best to save all the hair that is left in our client’s scalp, we will never use strong chemicals or techniques that will cause our client to loose the remaining hair left on his/her head.

Depending on the degree of hair loss, we can offer different solutions:

  • Level 1: this is the first stage on hair loss, there is a light hair thinning occurring, with an important lost of volume and initial hairline reduction. 
  • Level 2: people on this level, have a moderate hair thinning problem, with a dramatic lost of volume and initial appearances of bold spots and deep reduction of the hairline.
  • Level 3: there is a deep hair thinning process going on, with a dramatic lost of hair, bigger bold spots and in the worst cases there is a visible baldness. 

We will increase hair volume and length through our very confortable and high quality solutions to help you overcome your hair loss problem: Hair Integration, Hair Replacement, Invisible Hair Pieces, High-end Toupees, Invisible Micro Hair Extensions, Medical Wigs, and more.

Our products and techniques will allow that you recover your lifestyle, enjoy a normal life, you can exercise, swim, dance and more!